Fourways Physiotherapist

Nevanya Ramchundra


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We are conveniently located in Lonehill in close proximity to the Centre of Fourways and we are easily accessible from areas such as Dainfern, Bryanston, Paulshof, Cedar and Fourways.

In-Depth Assessments

We, at Physio Fourways, perform indepth assessments relating to your injury and impairment.

Individualised Treatment Plan

We create an individualised treatment plan aimed at reducing your pain, improving your function and preventing re-injury.

First Line Detection

Being a first line practitoner we are able to assess your condition and refer you to a specialist if needed.


What Makes Us Different?

Personalised, one-on-one treatment sessions.

Treatment sessions are 45min to an hour long.

Therapy consists largely of "hands-on" treatment.