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Treatments and Specialties

Joint Mobilisation

Gentle pressures are applied to the intervertebral joints of the spine or to peripheral a joint, which increases the mobility of the joint, helps alleviate pain as well as reduces inflammation in the area.

Electrotherapy Modalities

This may include the use of either TENS {trans electrical nerve stimulation), interferential therapy, or ultrasound. The aim of the therapy is to modulate pain signals that are transmitted to the brain, reduce inflammation and muscle spasm, and promote healing of the tissue.

Exercise Prescription

An Exercise programme specific to the individual will be prescribed to help correct muscle imbalances that are aggravating the individual patient’s condition.


Kineostaping consists of applying an elastic cotton tape designed to mimic the human skin. The tape is used in treating a variety of physical injuries. Depending on how the tape is applied it may be used to facilitate activation of weak muscles, inhibit overactive muscles, improve proprioception of joints, reduce swelling and improve circulation.

Nebulisation and Chest Therapy

Chest therapy is used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, pneumonia and bronchits in both babies and adults. Manual techniques are used to help clear secretions and improve air entry into the lungs. Therapy may include breathing exercises to improve chest expansion and the mobility of secretions. Suctioning may be performed on babies to help clear blocked nasal passages.

Advice on Ergonomics and Posture

Advice pertaining to your posture and working position will be discussed when necessary, as it may be closely related to your current condition. Poor posture and sustained positions can place undue strain on muscles causing them to spasm and result in pain.