More than just backcare… from Prevention to Function

Spending too much time at your desk, hunched over a laptop or on your cellphone? Physiotherapy can help prevent the plaguing pain that follows

Why is my back so sore?

Loss of a neutral posture, due to slouching and poor sitting habits, can lead to over-load of the spinal muscles as they attempt to keep the body upright.

Over-worked muscles go into spasm and form taut muscular bands. Spasm is a protective mechanism used by the body to rest tired muscles. Associated with this are trigger points, which are tender spots in the muscle that may give rise to referred pain.

Muscles with trigger points may result in pain, autonomic and motor disturbances, muscle weakness and muscle fatigue.

Pain in turn inhibits postural muscles from working which can lead to a perpetuating cycle of pain.

What can be done to help?

Good posture and sitting habits can help prevent excessive over-load on the muscles.

Regular exercise and stretching helps to increase the blood flow to the muscle that helps prevent spasm.

Physiotherapy can help by releasing trigger points that form, mobilising stiff joints, correcting muscular imbalances and stimulating deep spinal stabilsing muscles.