Category FAQs

Do you do home visits?

We do home visits in special instances where a patient has difficulty in getting to the physiotherapy practice due to their condition. Please note home visits are for those physiotherapy patients within a 3km radius of the practice. If you…

Why should I see a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are first line practioners, meaning that you do not have to be referred by a doctor in order to be seen by them. They have the knowledge and skills to evaluate a persons condition and treat accordingly to their…

What do Physiotherapists do?

A physiotherapist will evaluate a persons condition using a ‘whole person’ approach, that is taking their lifestyle, occupation, past history and current expectaions into consideration when developing a treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to participate in their treatment through education,…

What is phsyiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an allied medical profession aimed at helping people recover from physical disablity, musculoskeletal injuries and illness. Our approach is to restore movement, ease pain and promote function using manual therapy techniques, exercise, education and advice.