7 Common Mistakes That Could Be Causing Your Back or Neck Pain

Frequent back and neck pain is a common problem affecting all aspects of your life, from your work to recreational and personal activities. While there is no specific ‘instant’ cure for back pain, there are many steps that you can take to start managing your symptoms. There are also some common things that you may be doing on a daily basis that are contributing and/or causing your back pains.

7 of The Most Common Causes of Backpain

1. Avoiding Exercise

Exercise has been proven to be beneficial for frequent back pain, helping to strengthen your core muscles while increasing circulation to your joints and disks.

2. Slouching

Slouching and a poor posture whilst sitting are some of the most common causes of frequent back pain, causing excessive pressure on the joints, muscles and discs.
Learning to sit with the correct posture and maintaining that posture both at home and in the workplace could help you to avoid, lesson and even eliminate unnecessary back pain.

3. Repetitive Bending

Frequent forward bending is a common cause of lower back pain. Bending forward repetitively can lead to muscle aches and pains due to the increased pressure on the disks in the back. Limiting your forward bending together with lower back exercises that focus on backward bending help to minimise these aches and pains.

4. Lifting Heavy Objects

Does your job require you to lift heavy objects on a regular basis?
Unfortunately, the frequent lifting of heavy objects is one of the top causes of back pains.
Try asking your employer if special equipment or an extra set of hands could be made available to lessen the load.

5. Smoking

You have most likely heard the lengthy list of negative effects that smoking can have on your health. But did you know that smoking can also increase your chances if having back and neck pains? Aside from the frequent coughing, smoking also reduces vital calcium absorption which can cause your bones to weaken, leading to bone and joint pain.

6. Trying Passive Treatments

They may feel good but passive treatments like ice or heat packs usually only provide temporary relief. Research indicates that postural correction and active self-care exercises are effective remedies for common back pains. A visit to your physical therapist will help in determining which exercises are best for your specific condition.

7. Waiting for the Pain to Disappear

If your back or neck pain persists and has lasted for more than a week or two, see your doctor or physical therapist. The earlier you start treatment, the better your chances of a smooth recovery.

Back pain can prevent you from enjoying your day to day life while limiting your ability to move comfortably. Contacting your physiotherapist is the first (and safest) step in getting back to your normal lifestyle.